Cognitive Soccer Coaching Theory & Application

The DiBernardo School of Soccer 

We are excited to offer the Cognitive Soccer Coaching Theory & Application Course. The future of player development is not in the physical, it is in the brain. Expand your coaching perspective with this one of a kind comprehensive course.


Soccer Neuroscience

Learn the science behind expert decision-making, increasing game intelligence, rapid skill acquisition, external & internal cueing, gridding, constraints, ecological theory, cognitive lifestyle development and much more. 

Training Session Design

Learn to design training sessions that increase soccer intelligence, afford meaningful game-based decisions, are game representative in design, include variability, and bring about real change in game behaviors.  

Cognitive Methodology 

Gain access to Coach DiBernardo's unique Cognitive Soccer methodology. His self-organizing & positional game-based methods, incorporate positional play principles and constraints.  

Change The Way You Coach

Top coaches are always looking for what's next, and what can make them better. This course will make coaches re-think current player development methods, while providing a path forward using a modern cognitive soccer methodology.

Learn From a Leader in The Cognitive Soccer Field

Coach DiBernardo is a globally featured cognitive soccer coach. He has consulted and been featured by Major League Soccer, European Professional Clubs,  SiriusXMFC “The Coaching Academy”, Soccer Coaches Summit, Championship Productions, Europe's Trainers Magazine, and the 2020 Conference for Neuroscience & Soccer. He is a three-time National College Coach of the Year, winning multiple National Championships, on both the Men’s & Women’s side.

Special Offer

For a limited time, along with the Cognitive Soccer Coaching Course, we will include training curriculum for U8 - U19 in the 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 formats. 

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